Colour plays an important role in our lives, it can influence the way we think, change actions, and cause reactions. However, many of us are often discouraged from using colour in our homes because of the struggle of choosing the right shade. Get it wrong, and the colour will taunt you every time you enter the room. But homes, where owners play it safe and paint everything white can be clinical and boring. It's tough, but here are some ways that will hopefully inspire you to brighten up your home.

Start by choosing a neutral backdrop and then add splashes of colour with accent tables, bed throws, decorative pillows and all the other small details that really transform a space into a home. Don't go straight for the obvious, neutral does not mean boring. You can create a neutral version of practically any colour, so get creative. Don't be scared of going dark either. People tend to think that painting a room dark will make it feel small, but if you go for the slightly chalky version of your chosen dark colour, it can act as a perfect neutral.

Remember to think about what space will be used for. A kitchen and a bedroom will warrant completely different colours for the different vibe. You want brighter colours for the kitchen, so it feels fresh and vibrant. Sunny decor can help bring positivity and joy; try yellows and oranges for a new sense of freshness. In contrast, softer colours that promote rest and tranquillity are ideal for a bedroom setting. An earthy colour scheme is a great way to make your space feel less claustrophobic. I renovated my own bedroom this year, choosing the colour green. I went all out and used different tones of greens on my walls, window coverings, bedding and general home decor but just adding splashes of colour like a green chair or side table is effective. You could also go for blue, the colour of tranquillity, that can help promote a good nights sleep.

Take the time to consider what is already in the room. You don't want to choose a colour that clashes with permanent features like the floor or bigger items that would be expensive to replace like the bed frame. Save yourself some money and choose a wall colour that will work with what you already have going on. Nothing worse than a room where everything feels out of place. Besides considering features in your room, taking into consideration the rest of the house is also important- you want it to work as a whole. A cohesive palette where all the different tones of each room complement each other will work best.

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