More often than not, our coffee tables become landing spaces for remote controls and mugs. But as the centre of your living space, it's also a place where your style can come to life. Using objects in varying heights and mixing flowers, books, trays, and unexpected objects can help create stunning coffee table decor. Here are some ideas to help you style your coffee table like a pro.

Try creating different points of interest, each varying in size. If your living space needs some colour go for a small flowering plant paired with a feathery floral arrangement to add some height. Avoid going too tall or clunky with the larger objects as this can obstruct the view of people sitting on either side of the table, which will become annoying, fast.

If you have a significant amount of trinkets and accessories that you'd love to showcase, a table with a glass top may be the perfect option to achieve balance. A glass top table doesn't take up as much visual space as for example the more traditional all-wood designs might do, so the focus will be entirely on your display.

On the other hand, if you're a minimalist, buy a table that makes a statement on its own, then anything you would like to place on top is simply a bonus. Just make sure sure to try to integrate your coffee table of choice with the rest of your space.

If your coffee table is small, then all it needs is one of your favourite pieces to elevate it. If you have a family heirloom, an artesian bowl or a ceramic piece you've treasured for a long time, integrating a personal feature adds a special, sentimental touch to your home.

Trays are an excellent way to organize a tabletop stylishly. A tray creates the perfect place to exhibit flowers, candles, and books. It will help keep your table looking tidy and keep the focus on your elegant display.

Show off your literary collection. Stacking a selection of books gives any coffee table an instant eclectic touch. It could also serve as a base for smaller items such as candles.

Don't go overboard. Limiting tabletop accessories to candlesticks or a simple selection of books and flowers is a great way to allow the rest of your interior decor to shine. You can make your coffee table look beautiful without disrupting the eye. Simply adorning it with fresh flowers is an easy way to add instant style to your living area. Keep it simple, and don't overcomplicate.

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