A few things are guaranteed to upgrade your interior space: a bookshelf, a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps most of all, indoor plants. That is if you can keep them alive. Let's be honest—most of us are guilty of diving right into it, buying whatever looks pretty, then cluelessly trying to figure the rest out later. I suggest doing things a little differently: identify the areas of your home that can accommodate plant life and go from there. For example, if you're searching for a plant to put in your bathroom, choose one that thrives in humid conditions. But, having plants in your home does more than make you feel like you've mastered the adulting thing. Introducing plants can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. They are known for helping calm anxiety and purifying the air in your home by filtering out everyday pollutants.

Here are 5 low-maintenance, air-purifying indoor plants to add to your home:

The Snake Plant. The snake plant is the perfect option for anyone new to plant parenthood as it's known for surviving in almost any environment. It's also great at filtering out horrible chemicals in the air, so you can breathe a little easier.

The Dracaena. This low-maintenance plant adapts easily to different light environments, making it an excellent option if you're a new plant parent. But do try your best to keep it away from direct sun, it doesn't like that much and may throw a tantrum in the form of browning leaves. The Dracaena Plant is a manageable air purifier, removing nasty chemicals and helping improve your health.

The Rubber Tree. A rubber tree is terrific at eliminating toxins. It also removes carbon dioxide and is an entirely straightforward plant to grow! It enjoys living in dim lighting and cooler temperatures; making it the perfect addition to any British home.

Aloe Vera. Famously used to heal wounds and different skin conditions, Aloe Vera also removes formaldehyde from the air. All life forms – bacteria, plants, fish, animals and humans – naturally produce formaldehyde, so Aloe Vera is an excellent air-filter to add to your home. Just place your new multi-functional friend in a bright, sunny spot and don't stress too much over keeping it alive, they require hardly any upkeep.

English Ivy. This plant was actually found by NASA to have the best air purification benefits. It's also incredibly simple to keep alive. Try our beautiful macramé plant hangers - perfectly designed to show off your lovely new English Ivy. Requiring just medium sunlight exposure, you'll soon reap all the benefits this ivy has to offer.

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