Any renovation project has its fair share of chaos, noise, mess, and many decisions needing to be made. Most would recommend moving out for a while and then coming back once it's completed. Sure, that sounds fantastic, but there are many reasons this may not be possible, the most important of which is that it adds quite a bit of cost to the project. Throwing away money for the sake of convenience may be foolish for you right now. So here are some helpful tips and tricks on living in a home under construction without going crazy in the process.

  1. Planning. It's essential to have a plan in place. Speaking to your builder at length before starting will help you understand how the work will proceed. Repeat this conversation at the start of each week to discuss the plans for the week ahead. You will ensure that there is rarely a time you don't know who will be in your house and what they will be doing. Planning will allow you to schedule out your week and ensure everything is timed perfectly.
  2. Perspective. Being on-site every day can be stressful but also extremely helpful. You can catch small things before they become a problem (i.e. the exact location of a radiator, lighting, etc.) Being present means your builder can ask questions as soon as he comes across unexpected challenges. Remember to keep telling yourself that this is all temporary. You can either walk around annoyed by the additional stress and chaos or remember that you're that much closer to a home you're going to love.
  3. Inspiration. An inspiration collage or Pinterest board dedicated to your home will keep you inspired and remind you of the end product when the going gets tough. Scroll through gorgeous inspiration and imagine the day it will all be yours. No pain, no gain!
  4. Keep your air clean. Clean air is essential for all of us. If you live through a renovation, clean air should be a top priority (especially if you have children). Air purifiers are effective in reducing allergens, odours, and certain bacteria.
  5. Good sleep. One of the best things you can do for your sanity is to decrease your stress as much as possible. Delays and last-minute changes are almost inevitable in any renovation. You will need to make sure you are ready to conquer these challenges every day. Create a safe, clean bedroom retreat to rest and restore. Invest in a beautifully comfortable bed set and remember it will all be worth it in the end.

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