You may be just about to embark on that long-anticipated vacation. The packing is almost done when you realise you need to upgrade your beach towels. Now you may consider taking your beach towel because how is a beach towel different anyway?

Well, there is a BIG difference!

As the name suggests, a beach towel is meant to be used on a beach, and a bath towel is used post-bath/shower. It sounds like a no brainer, right? Not so fast! Here are some key differences between a bath towel and a beach towel, which you may not have considered.


A beach towel is larger than a bath towel. A bath towel measures around 42 to 58 X 24 to 30 inches, whereas a beach towel, is larger and measures around 48 to 58 inches X 54 to 70 inches. The length and width of a beach towel are much greater than a bath towel. If you plan to replace a beach towel with a bath towel, you will end up with legs covered with sand, a not-so-pleasant experience.


Well, a bath towel looks like a bath towel! It is designed to look good in your bathroom. A beach towel is brighter and designed to look good on a beach and in your holiday pictures. A bath towel may not reflect your personality, but the right beach towel definitely could.


A bath towel is different from a beach towel. Now, when you plan a beach trip, be sure to include the perfect beach towel among your accoutrements. Why? Because it will make your vacation stylish and make your trip more enjoyable. Luxury beach towels, available at Sweet Needle, will tend to your exact needs while blending function and fashion seamlessly. We are confident that once you experience the luxurious feel and comfort, as well as the functionality of our towels, you will agree that Sweet Needle will be your choice for beach towels for years to come.

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