Did you know a wish is a form of a dream? Make a wish; it might just come true! We're now calling all dreamers! Here are our top tips for creating your dream bedroom:

Let's start with the easy stuff; begin by creating a mood board. Get creative and have some fun; there are no limits at this stage. Next, research colours or wallpaper prints that best represent you (top tip: If you're getting them delivered, make sure to see if you can check when the arrival date will be). If you're creative enough for it, why not design your wallpaper or mix paint colours to create something unique?

I think the most challenging choice is flooring. Many options such as wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate in the teams of clearing, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring are ideal as you can simply use a mop or broom to clear up any spills or mess. However, don't be put off the carpet, it does create a cosy vibe, and you can always use a carpet sweeper. If you don't want to spend too much on the flooring or don't have permission to change it, then reclaim the flooring you currently have by clearing it up and perhaps investing in a gorgeous rug.

Curtains are up next. Think about the weight, height, length, and style, then think about the price you are willing to spend on curtains. I suggest looking at in-store retailers or small online retailers as they tend to be more helpful if you have queries and will get back to you sooner.

Next, think about what your bedroom will be used for. Are you living in a dorm room, flatshare, in a studio flat, bedsit or with your parents? You might be a student or working from home. If this is the case, you may want to think about having a small desk and a comfortable chair to sit in. You might wish to have a creative corner and a ring light set up if you are a content creator. If you're a bookworm, then you could include a bookcase for storage.Remember to think about what you want to get out of your bedroom besides some good sleep.This will help guide your decor decisions.

Now it's time to choose your bed frame, mattress and bedding. A small double/queen-sized bed with a metal frame is easy to put together, and you wouldn't have to worry about draws breaking down on a divan or wooden bed. If you get the chance to try out a mattress before buying, then be the princess or prince with the pea and try all of them until you find the perfect one. Why not try our fitted sheet with a 200 thread count made from 100% cotton? We've got just what you need to help make sure you're catching some great Zzz's in your new dream bedroom.

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