Let us start with the number of guests coming for dinner and the occasion. Is it just a romantic dinner for two? or a family affair? Whatever the event, the table should fit the dinner's theme.

Think of the colours that you want to see on the table. Only then can you make decisions about decorations, flower arrangements and candles, for example. Top tip: While setting the table, make sure the plates and cutlery are 1m apart. Why not try our plain cotton dinner napkins made from 100% cotton? Or our multi red hand-knotted fringe table runner? These will help add finesse to any dinner set-up.

Getting ready for company, I think, is never easy; it can feel overwhelming to host. Another tip: always have board games on hand or a game console. Games such as Uno, Cluedo, Monopoly, Buzz, Karaoke, etc., are always good fun. If you prefer a quieter evening, have a movie in the background and turn the volume down slightly. Chatter and laughter can still be heard, but there is a constant conversation starter in the background.

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