The truth is, if you're entertaining friends (or simply trying to make dinnertime at a little more special until you can host again), presentation is critical. When it comes to table settings, there are many things to consider – colour scheme and design, plates, cutlery... the list goes on. We're here to help take the stress out of it.

Colour Scheme

Once the colour is determined, the rest of the decisions are easy. Dinner parties are a fantastic opportunity to experiment with decor; it's non-committal. Setting a colour palette is an excellent way to start. From there you can build up a collection of little extras to make the table shine.

Floral Displays

Florals are an easy way to quickly and easily elevate your gathering. Floral arranging can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Have fun and choose seasonal florals like bright pops of colour in the summer!


Nothing says special occasion more than a beautiful tablecloth. Make sure it falls at least a foot below the top of the table and no less than 15cm above the ground. You could also choose to add a table runner. Make your table feel extra special by kicking off the arrangement with our Red Multi Stripe Hand-Knotted Fringe Table Runner.


There is only one rule when it comes to napkins; invest in quality ones. If you're folding a napkin in half, then place it to the plate's left, underneath the forks. A little napkin-work is a great way to dress up your table, place at the centre of the dinner plate, so it stands out. Our Dinner Napkin Sets are pure 100% cotton and come in a variety of colours.


The best part of setting the table is the accessorising! Candles, flowers, name card holders, runners and napkin rings can all be added to dress up a table. Brighten your dinner table with an arrangement of tall candlesticks. This is a cost-effective and easy way to make your dining room feel more welcoming and sophisticated. And remember to bring out those fancy plates. It will make each place setting feel that little bit more special.

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