Do you hear that? It's the sound of one big, collective sigh of relief now that 2020 is over. Here are a few items that should go with it.

Sad, tired pillows

If you've had the same pillows on your bed for a while now, it's probably time to invest in new ones. (Tip: Pillows should be replaced every 1-2 years.)

Old clothes and accessories

With the rise of fast fashion, many of us have loads of clothes we never wear. Take all your clothing out of your closet and only put back the things you love wearing or have a practical purpose. Donate and sell the rest!

Mismatched hangers

Most of us hold onto hangers of different sizes, shapes, and colours that keep our closets looking and feeling unkempt. 2021 is the year we treat ourselves to a new pack.

Expired products

Take some time to go through your bathroom and check the dates on every box and bottle. You shouldn't use any personal care products from shampoo and makeup to ointments and medicine once they've expired.

Random food in the pantry and fridge

Remove everything from your pantry, wipe down all the shelves and vacuum the floor. Do the same for the fridge. Take this time to reorganise and throw out any expired food or anything that your family isn't going to eat.

Extra mugs

We all know the reality of collecting random mugs over the years. But the new year has begun, and there's no better time to let go of the excess. Tip: if it's cracked or permanently stained, it can go.

Dingy towels

Did you know scientists estimate we have around 1.6 trillion skin cells? Drying yourself transfers thousands of dead skin cells onto your towel, which can then become a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. It's time to get rid of any thinning, raggedy towels and invest in a new set. It is also good to remember that a bath towel's durability depends heavily on the towel's quality and how you care for it. Very cheap towels will unravel quicker as fibres break down faster. This will mean replacing them quite often, which is not friendly for your wallet or the environment. Buying good quality bathroom towels will guarantee that they stay fresh and last a long time.

Subscriptions you don't use

Look through anything you're subscribed to and make sure you're using and enjoying it. Start the year off right and save yourself some money if you're not using them.

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