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We accept multiple cards and payment methods to make things simple for our customers.

Payment types:

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Here are some tips to stay safe online:

• Scam emails — fraudsters are getting creative and use reputable brands like ours to get payment details or passwords from you. We never ask for your personal information via email or SMS, so if it looks suspicious it probably is. We ask our customers to screenshot suspicious emails or SMS messages to our support team. Please do not open any links or attachments as this may steal your personal information and then be at risk of getting scammed.

• Computer viruses — we recommend that all of our customers have an antivirus program installed on their device to prevent most cyber attacks. Unfortunately, no antivirus can protect against all viruses, however, it will stop most hackers from gaining access to your personal information and prevent you from being their next victim. Please bear in mind that cyber attacks can happen on any device, so we recommend to have an antivirus program installed on all the devices to use to buy online.

• Strong passwords — when you create an account with us, we recommend to use a strong password to make it as difficult as possible for fraudsters to obtain your online accounts. We recommend to create a long password, mix of numbers and special characters, avoid using names and places and consider not using basic information about you — e.g. your name, your mother’s name, your birth date, your college/ university or pet’s name. Fraudsters often creating fake social media accounts to spy on their victims and get their personal information. In some cases, some fraudsters don’t need to create a fake account as some social media profiles may be public. Please keep this in mind when creating your password. To make things easier, you can use secure password manager to generate and store your passwords.

What payment types do you accept?

We currently accept all major cards. This includes: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please bear in mind that non-UK cards may not be accepted.

Why don’t you accept my payment type?

Unfortunately, we are unable to support non-UK cards at the moment. We are looking to add more UK payment methods to give our customers more access. If you’re looking to pay with your preferred payment type and it’s not currently supported, please contact our support team and we can consider your request to help you and other customers.

Will I be billed unexpectedly?

No. When you place an order with us, the funds from your bank account will be taken automatically. However, depending on your card issuer, some banks may take longer. You will not receive unexplained bills from Sweet Needle.

Why was my payment refused?

If your order is refused, we suggest contacting your bank as this is most likely down to an error from your card issuer — e.g. there’s a spending limitation on your card or your bank is withholding your funds for security reasons. Our support team are unable to help and we recommend to seek support from your card issuer. If your card issuer believes this is a fault on our end, please contact our support team and we’ll find a solution for you.

How can I be safer online?

We take online safety very seriously. We ensure our customers’ personal information is not compromised in any way, and that’s why we use SSL Certificate to ensure our customers’ information is safe with us and not seen by the eyes of bad doers.

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